The final frontier…hopefully

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So I had provisioned for a quiet day, without work and spent largely with myself. Am liking it, but will be raring to go back to work and family, and Vetāla by tomorrow. See you then.


Tomorrow, I become invincible.

Or maybe not.

A person I spoke with today said that he took the two doses of Sin-o-pharm and then an antibody test, and guess what?

The antibodies were just not enough. So now, he needs a booster shot somewhere down the line. He is now thinking of taking the Pfizer.

And so, when that needle goes into my shoulder at 7.10 am tomorrow, it better generate a whole load of antibodies. I just need to get this over with. Wouldn’t you?

So while we in this part of the world crib about a 10 minute delay in getting the vaccine, or taking tests to check if it has been effective in the first place, we should spare a thought about what is happening in India.

The sheer number of people has made it a very difficult exercise. Multiple trips to the centre, vaccines running out…it has been a logistical nightmare.

It is easy to blame the government, but that is a different topic. My point here is to be thankful, that we have been able to get the vaccine smoothly, painlessly and for free.

And full credit to the UAE, for taking the initiative and the effort in ensuring that this is done.

We live a privileged life, and it becomes very easy to forget the hardships that a vast majority of people around the world undergo every single day.

Basic needs are not met – fresh water, food and shelter. Here we tend to complain about air-conditioning, and stepping out for a minute in the heat.

And so, when I get my second dose tomorrow, I will say a small prayer of thanks. For the life that I have got, for it’s comforts, for the good food I eat, and for all the privileges that I have.

Sometimes, we just don’t remember. Maybe such events are a good way to have a reality check – on the world around us. And stay grounded.

I will rest tomorrow. But what’s the deal with Candraprabha? Let’s find out in tomorrow’s post!