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Twenty-one days to change your perspectives on loving, living and discovering life…

Ronin Kyokushin

Perspectives on Karate and martial arts, from the eyes of a yogi. 


A process of blending in with life, rather that trying to fit in. Going beyond the āsanās, and having a glimpse of our true self…the one hidden under the masks that we all carry…

A bit about me

Meet Rohit

Yoga Sadhaka, serial entrepreneur, author, Kyokushin Karate practitioner, these phrases do not describe me. They speak about some aspects of my personality, acquired during my short stay here.

But they do not define me. I seek the answers, but think about it – do I know the question?

When I do find it, you will be the first to know:) 

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Going beyond mere āsanā practice, and bringing yog into your daily life. Discovering new perspectives…a new way of approaching life, and living it to the fullest…

Skill Development

The future will be shaped not on the basis of your degree, but on the basis of your skillset. Degree-based careers are fast morphing into skill-based careers – acceptance of change and a lifetime of learning are prerequisites. 


Yes, you can work with me on exciting projects – from business consulting to digital marketing, to yog and wellness. Am looking for a specific skillset, but more importantly, a penchant to learn and a thirst for knowledge. 


For your everyday reading

Yog Daily

Your daily dose of yog – from stories to ślokas, to knowledge that goes beyond books and intellect. 

Love in the times of Corona

Times are hard, but you are resilient. This may the best opportunity to seek a better perspective on life …


Perspectives on human behaviour, hidden in stories, and presented in a manner never seen before…

Rohit has been instrumental in making me view things differently..his one-to-one sessions are inspirational, to say the least!
Shubham Sangwal
CEO, Sangwal Tech

Avyakta Yoga

What you are doing, is NOT yoga. It is a good exercise yes, but is it yoga? Nowhere close to it.
Avyakta Yoga is a journey through tradition, where yog is experienced with all the senses, at all times of the day, every moment you breathe…and beyond. 

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I haven’t given a Ted Talk as yet, but then, Ted was never around.


For the rest, we can do an online session, an in-class session (post COVID), or an in-workplace session.

Topics that I can speak about include Yoga, failure, resilience, productivity, Panchatantra, meditation, digital marketing, entrepreneurship, mindfulness, and a lot more.

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Group Sessions

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Web Sessions

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LinkedIn Diary

An (almost) daily dose of thoughts and polls that I start my workday with. You can head over to LinkedIn, or sample them here (sans the polls). 

Topics include work, life, technology, joyfulness, pain…anything that I happen to notice really…

Do vote on them when you get the chance:)