A bit about me

I'm Rohit

I’ve learnt a few things on my journey, that I like to share. I don’t claim to know everything, but whatever little I know, is there for you to take.

I completed my Engineering in 2000 and worked my way through starting my own company in 2009. For nine years, I worked under others, and so starting out on my own was refreshing. It was a success, and soon I was flying high (actually in a two-seater sports car) – young, and energetic, ready to take on the world.  

The story doesn’t end there.

That venture soon failed. So did a couple of others too.

Today, I’m in a much better place. I have four companies that I have founded and run on a daily basis, with a wonderful team, and a whole lot of learning that I got from failing in multiple businesses. 

You would never see me on the cover of Forbes, nor on its list of the rich and powerful, but try getting through to anyone on that list!


I am approachable, friendly, and here to help. I learn from you, as much as you learn from me.

My entrepreneurial journey

I’ve been a business consultant (actually, a part of me still is), a digital marketer (for my own companies, more on that later), a co-founder of a media startup, a promoter of classical dance, a co-founder of a fashion and lifestyle brand, a startup consultant, and now, the promoter of a corporate wellness idea that is based on yoga.

In my earlier days, I have organized professional martial art tournaments (and I became a district-level champion as well), have taught over 5000 students from 15 countries, been the chief editor of two magazines and taught yoga and karate to students from blind schools and Spastics Society of India. I practice yoga and kyokushin karate, practice Sanskrit, read over 100 books a year, write at least 1,000 words daily and in general, lead a contended life.

A few of you may take me to be a jack of all trades and a master of none, and some others may feel that I have many talents (depends on which side of the fence you are on), but the fact is, that neither of those two statements are correct.

I have learnt that experiencing is more important than winning, and what I have gathered over the years is a treasure-trove of experiences. That is why it’s called a journey, isn’t it?

Get Inspired

So how do I fit in everything – managing companies, reading, yoga, karate, Sanskrit, writing (etc. etc.) in one day?

The funny part is – you can do it too. Anyone can really. All it takes is a bit of commitment and a willingness to change and adapt.

I don’t claim to have all the answers, but I sure can try to help you navigate the path based on what little I have learnt. Why do I do this? You may ask. It’s simple. And you have heard it before. Many times.

Why do I do this? You may ask. It’s simple. And you have heard it before. Many times…

Knowledge grows through sharing.

A few testimonials

Here are a few words from people who have interacted with me over the years, and lived to tell the tale:)

“Words are inadequate to appreciate your work.
Whenever I read your post overwhelming emotions bring tears. Don’t know whether its joy, sorrow or pure bliss of the Almighty.

God bless you with loads of happiness and goodness to continue to this great journey.”

Sri. Ram Narayan

Director, Seasoned Professional, PhD candidate

“Rohit was a great mentor and manager for me. He always arranged work around the objective that we intern could work and create on something that is meaningful for us. When we struggled, he would always get in touch with us and helped us along the way, communicating fast and efficiently. Also, outside of professional life, Rohit has gained a lot of life experience and wisdom and is not hesitant to share valuable life lessons with you. All in all it has been an exiting journey by his side!”

Niclas Joswig


“Rohit Sir is a Motivated, Forward thinking Mentor who has a powerful and an amazing personality. During my Internship with Tenl.io Sir has always guided and Motivated me to become a better version of Myself and he is one person who knows how to get the best out you. With an ace skills of Communication, Leadership and Time Management he’s a total package of a Great Mentor and a Person. With his Fun-Loving Personality its always good to be a part of his business operations and would definitely love to work again with Rohit Sir in the future. .”

Astha Bajpai


“Rohit Sir is a great mentor! During my 2 months virtual internship at tenl.io, Its been a pleasure to work with him. He always kept the team motivated and shared knowledge. I believe he is one of the best mentor I ever had, as his people skills are highly developed. Rohit Sir’s ability to deal with a crisis and come up with new ways to achieve results were always an inspiration. I’m delighted I got the chance to learn from him.

Nitya Porwal


“Rohit is a detail-oriented manager who strives for excellence.He is one person who knows how to get the best out of you.I have learnt from him his excellent time management skills and the ability to suceed. He’s a person with a lot of positive energy and a fun person to be around. I would love to work with him again in my career.”

Shweta M

Career Coach

Rohit is one of the few guys with whom i have seen teammanaging comes as an inborn skill rather than a learntknowledge. A natural motivator, I learnt a lot from him when I wasin his team. One of the few guys who actually stood up for theteam when needed and flogged the team when needed!!!!!

Akshay Joshi

Lead Developer

What Can I Do for You?

Here are a few topics that we can speak about…


Going beyond mere āsanā practice, and bringing yog into your daily life. Discovering new perspectives…a new way of approaching life, and living it to the fullest…

Skill Development

The future will be shaped not on the basis of your degree, but on the basis of your skillset. Degree-based careers are fast morphing into skill-based careers – acceptance of change and a lifetime of learning are prerequisites. 


No, this is not the rosy picture version. Having failed and succeeded in good measure, I can give you perspectives that will help you navigate the downside (which is more important really). We can also discuss the good stuff – how to get your digital marketing and CRM basics right, accounting and other software that one finds cumbersome, but needs to get done. Also, how to make 100 videos for US$29. 

Fintech and regulation

I advise on regulated and non-regulated Fintech, through my companies 10 Leaves and tenL Tech. Also consultations on authorisations at the Dubai International Financial Centre and Abu Dhabi Global Market in the UAE, and on Luxembourg-related structures in Europe. 


Yes, you can work with me on exciting projects – from business consulting to digital marketing, to yog and wellness. Am looking for a specific skillset, but more importantly, a penchant to learn and a thirst for knowledge. 

Martial Arts

Discussion on options, and advanced classes for Yudanshas (black belts). Courses in transforming your practice and rediscovering the art that you once loved. Also adding yoga into the mix, for a perfect yin-yang experience. 

There’s more…

Discussions on books, Indian philosophy, Sanskrit, education, martial arts, entrepreneurship…there are a lot of topics and so little time.

Do get in touch and let’s schedule something!

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While this link is usually for paid consultations, feel free to ping me and you never know…I may just sneak you in for free!