Sense of purpose…

Day 3. Was able to complete the morning and the evening routines. Good work!

Brings along a small sense of achievement, and a lot of good health as well!

Sorted out the food bit as well, so now, all I have to do, is to keep up the good work, and also try to win the friendly competition that the India team has overtaken me, with long strides at that:)

Anyways, speaking of targets, life is full of them isn’t it? Some call them goals, others targets, yet others call them milestones. Some small, some big. Some can be done in a few hours, others in a day, and some take years.

But all of us have them, and many of them. Without targets, we would somehow miss a sense of purpose. And purpose drives us. It makes us do what we do – work, exercise, study, teach, everything really.

So the question is – what is your sense of purpose? What are your targets? How do you want to live the rest of your life? Where do you see yourself at the end of it all?

Simple questions, complex answers. Maybe you can search for them in your meditation session tomorrow!