The world is a village…

The world is a village, and explorers we all are…

Visited Global Village after 15 years. Yes, fifteen. Actually, I never took a fancy to the place, but this year, decided to show Rohāmrta around.

Turns out, I was looking for the wrong thing.

Global Village has products from around the world…well, India, GCC, Thailand, Korea and China being the largest pavilions so…if you stay in Dubai, you pretty much get everything here anyway.

The food stalls are plenty, and lot of options, but Dubai has them too.

For me, what separates the experience is the chance to walk through country pavilions, see people from those countries sell their wares, and in effect, become aware of how diverse humanity is. The way they speak, the way they call out (or don’t), the general atmosphere in some ways reflects the mood prevalent back home.

I think this is what separates the Global Village experience from other similar, yet different projects. It has been very successful, and is definitely a must-visit if you come to Dubai in the winters. But be prepared to walk. A LOT.

Which brings me to my exercise regimen. I missed the traditional weight training today, but the walking more than made up for it. I guess it pushed me up the leaderboard by two notches. Still a long way from the leaders, who have been walking their way to the top.

Must push harder!