Watch out for Day 15!

Day 2 started well, with yog, prānāyāma and meditation. I missed the evening workout though, since there was a puja to attend.

No worries, will be back with a vengeance tomorrow.

Well-begun is half done, say some. In some cases, some people begin well and then give up midway. Actually, I have been through many such training schedules in my peak karate days. Its almost always the same – the first week is the best. One is pumped up and all ready to take on the gritty training schedule. Ditto for the last seven days, when you see the end ahead of you.

Somewhere around the end of the second week, or about midway, is the breakpoint. This is when you are most vulnerable, and most susceptible to the idea of giving up.

This holds true for a diet, an exercise or study routine, and just about anything that is time-bound with a finishing line in sight.

Stay focused, approach the target in stages rather than in one marathon effort, and always remember that every day counts.

Will see you tomorrow!