PUBG has now been banned in India….

But is it justified?

If you haven’t heard about PUBG yet, chances are that you are living under a rock. 

The game took the world by storm, and that storm has not subsided yet.

My view is not on the politics of it…but on the violence associated with such games. 

Why are most video games so violent? Guns, blood, swords, gore…how is that entertainment?

Some justify this by saying that it serves as an outlet – you are able to release stress effectively by playing these games. 

But aren’t there more joyful ways to release stress? Good food, a good laugh, a tryst with nature, meditation, a good book…so many ways to slow down and de-stress. 

Kids are most affected, due to the addictive nature of video games. You just cannot stop playing.

A kid who spends hours in digging for guns and shooting…how would his or her young mind adapt to being calm in real-life situations?

Not just kids, many adults too spend a good amount of time playing such games…how do these games affect their minds?

Tough questions, but the answers are needed. 

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