Happy Teacher’s Day!

We may remember Teachers Day as the day when we decorated the blackboard (or green board, as was in our case), and wished our teachers and thanked them for teaching us well. We may not have understood the importance of teachers day then, as we do now. 

Today, we live in different parts of the world, are capable of interacting with multiple cultures and deal with many situations…a lot of these capabilities were seeded by the education that we received in school, and those seeds were tended to by our teachers. 

By teachers, I don’t mean only those who taught us in school. As we go through life, we encounter a lot of people who teach us something, and others from who we learn something. 

Our today is the collective efforts of all those people, some of who may not even have had any vested interest in giving us knowledge. 

And so, today, let us remember all those people who left an imprint on our consciousness, who gave us knowledge, and who helped make us who we are. 

Let us join our hands and silently thank them, or reach out to them and thank them personally. 

But most importantly, let us realise that we are not here just by our own efforts – our parents, our friends, our teachers and our country – all have contributed to making us.

Wish all of us a very happy Teachers Day!