Of tables and debates…

Came across a post that I had made earlier. On debates – mostly the kinds that take place around the dinner table. Where everyone tries to score a point, even though there is nothing to win. Nevertheless, most of such debates are interesting, engaging and sometimes enraging too!

How many debates did you have last month? Did they result in anything tangible, or did everyone step away from the table a little bit hurt?

Do read the snippet below and think about it. See you tomorrow!

A season of debates.

Actually, a day of debates.

From politics, to relationships, to services.

It is tough to debate. It is easy to fight yes. Look no further than the Lok Sabha.

But intelligent debate? Now, that is a different cup of tea.

A debate requires both sides to bring to the table, facts, and then an opinion based on the interpretation of facts.

Problems happen when interpretations are made, but without the basis of facts.

And we have had a lot of those, I am sure. Not just from the other side, but from our side as well.

The issue is, that a lot of us are not accustomed to balanced views. The world in itself, has grown more assertive, more aggressive, more “my way or the highway”.

Mellowness is seen as weakness, and assertiveness is seen as strength.

The Buddha may have advocated a middle path, but beyond an occasional statue beside a waterfall or at the entrance of your home, he makes little headway (pardon the pun).

And so, it is tough to know which side you are on. Because, in most cases, I am always right…so say both sides.

Personally, I have tried to accumulate a lot of facts. I read a lot, so it helps. But occasionally, I dip into interpretations are are, at best, many yards away from the truth. And that is when I try to hold back, step away from the “I must win this thing” to ” let’s see what the best way forward is.”

I don’t succeed all the time. But I am trying.

Recognising a fault is the first step.

Not letting the other person know is the second.


Will keep trying, until I get to what I want to be. Until then, some people will have to bear with me.

Others – you will lose the debate fair and square anyway!