Of Air and Suvidhas…

Went to the airport to drop off my parents. Since it was their first time flying out of Dubai, I accompanied them to the checkin counters.

Good that I did.

Turned out that they had to fill out a detailed Air Suvidha form, complete with uploading attachments (in PDF, less than 1 MB in size), all of which was a task for me itself, let alone two senior citizens.

In fact, I had to involve a person from my office who graciously helped me get those attachments in the right size, nomenclature and filetype so that I could complete the formalities.

The site in itself was not buggy (thank God) and really easy to fill once one had all the attachments and details, but I wonder how my parents would have managed it if they had been on their own.

The people at the checkin counters didn’t seem very interested in offering detailed guidance, so it would have been an uphill (and possibly impossible) task.

Having a dedicated counter for senior citizens could have helped. Some people require that handholding, a little nudge here and there, just to ensure that they have a smoother journey. I don’t know if they have such counters in India, but here they didn’t.

Anyways, all finally went well and drop off successful, parents back in India.

Which begets the question – when do I go for a visit?

Hmm…easier said than done!

See you tomorrow:)