Of domains and bullets…

Domains domains everywhere, and many a payment to make!

I manage close to 20 domains of my own, and stuff is bound to happen. A couple of days back, my main site firewall refused to load and I spent close to an hour with tech support to get it done. Today, my personal site and blog went down because the card on their system expired. Good to know that unlike me, such service providers turn off the tap literally immediately upon non-payment. 

Anyways. Payment made and restoring unfortunately takes longer than disconnection. That is the way the world works!

And as I typed this, the domain is back. Anyway, first world problems. Some people don’t have food to eat, and we here get rattled upon domains going down.

A day well spent otherwise. Some work, some going around, a stupid movie that I couldn’t sit through, and plans for more adventures tomorrow. The rain seems to have run it’s course, and it was good while it lasted. Any more of it, and it will be tough given that I have a two-year old at home whose only task at present is to look out for ways to get out of the house. Ahem.

Maybe it’s time to have a little bit of Indian Idol? The last episode was so soaked in deshbhakti, it rained here. I mean, we all love our country, but when you speak of soldiers and defending India, with sounds of bullets and missiles in the background, you are pushing it a bit too much. One does not have to advertise such things – it’s inherent. Don’t you think so?

See you tomorrow!