Of appraisals and teams…

It’s appraisal time!

Sent a form to all our employees for their annual appraisal. We do stuff a bit differently, but this initial step is needed to help them reflect on their own performance (it is a self-appraisal form). We then sit together to discuss our perspectives and the way ahead. All in all, a good and timely exercise.

What I like during the process is how aware the current generation is. In my time, the appraisal was mostly a one-way exercise, and if given the self-appraisal forms, we would be quite way off the mark.

Today, employees are more tuned in to their performance, their achievements and their shortcomings. Also, I love reading about what they want to do in the coming year – their dreams that we can possibly work towards together and bring them to reality…happy days!

And just like that, we landed up at the end of the first month of the year already…time does pass so fast now that it isn’t funny. But challenges remain, there is work to be done and together, we will get it done. And enjoy along the way. Wish us luck!