Of all the small things…

Saturday early mornings are usually spent at Hariprasad, a Kannadiga food joint nearby.

As I got down from my car, I saw a man rushing towards a mini-bus, presumably on his way to work. At 7 am on a Saturday. All this while I was complaining to myself on the way about how work had increased over the past few months…

At that moment, I said a silent prayer – a thank you to God for giving me whatever he has, and for keeping me aware of how lucky I was to have to big things and the small things – a day extra to spend with family when many didn’t have the privilege.

It’s so easy to lose sight of the good things in life, however big or small, and settle into a viscous circle of dissatisfaction. And it’s also so easy to remember them again, if only we look around us and see many others who have bigger struggles and challenges to cope with.

An exercise I think we should engage in regularly. For a calmer, more satisfactory life.

What do you think?