Our last team meeting for 2022…

Today we had the year end team meeting.

Reminiscing on the year gone by, and plans for the year ahead.

Not just me, but all the members of our team spoke about their 2022 and their plans for 2023.

Many of them had a fresh lease of career life when they joined us this year, which is great. They got a chance to work on things they liked, and we got very good and committed talent, a win-win!

Some surprises as well. A few team members embarked on their own side businesses, building up passive incomes and making best use of their time and talent. Wow. At their age, the only calculation I used to do is how to spend my money, not save it. So this generation is getting something right!

One of our teammates is getting married in 2023. And two of our teammates became parents this year. So yes, the team is really expanding:))

Loved the interaction. Some kids also showed up on the call, and we all said hi (they had better things to do than to say hello back). I wasn’t at home else Rohāmrta would also do his Tata-teteh on the call.

In all, a beautiful 2022, and a lot of blessings and hard work. 2023 promises to bring back fashion – I mean masks, and so let’s be thankful for every single thing we have, coz it all matters – having a job, a loving family, a house to stay, food to eat – and a lot lot more.

See you tomorrow!