A week to go!

Things get lazier as the year inches towards the 31st.

Calls get postponed, people go on vacation and the holiday mood sets in.

For some people, it’s business as usual though. In fact, more business than usual. Hotels, shopping malls, food outlets, consultancies:)

I usually try to end the year on a high, creating multiple pieces of content to cover up for the backlog, and this year I have a new project that got started as well. An academy that aims to deliver training content in a manner not seen before in our industry. A lot of backend work going on for it, so wish me luck.

And I have some plans already laid out for 2023 also, but they would have to wait a week. At present, it’s time to keep a day or two to wind down, try to rest like a normal human being and recoup before approaching the next year with a fresh start. A few mistakes to be corrected, a lot more to be made:)

How do you end the year?