Company secretary lessons for free…

Last night, I took corporate secretarial lessons from none other than Joseph Vijay, the star of the “very watchable but suspend your logic brain” Varisu.

I learnt that the Chairman of the Board of a public company is all-powerful, and the only one that matters. Also, he is elected not through well-recorded board proceedings, but through an ad-hoc semi-blackmail process in full view. Love to see the minutes of that meeting:)

Ok so there were 7-8 directors then, but the next scene has the mining contracts cancelled by two out of three directors of the company, and the Chairman then has to come up with a new investor just because this guy changed his mind. Wait – weren’t there 7 earlier? Hmm, never mind.

Ah there is more. A few scenes later, “The Managing Director” annuls a ‘make or break’ contract for the company, and the new contact is then torn apart by the Chairman, who apparently can just waltz in and do it, no other directors withstanding. He is super powerful, so says the man. And then wraps up the proceedings of this impromptu non-quorum meet by beating a few men to pulp, just for good measure.

Oh, I wish board meetings were so much fun!

Anyways, the movie was entertaining overall, better than the joke that Thunivu was. A good message about family, values and everything in between. Watch it if you are a Joseph Vijay fan (which I ain’t) or just love the odd masala movie to clear your mind:)

See you tomorrow!