Two sides…

The two sides of life.

Witnessed on my way back home today.

Stuck in a traffic jam, we realized that the cause was an accident just ahead. Two ambulances, many police cars, and possibly someone severely injured, or maybe even the worst case scenario…we wouldn’t know.

And just then from our windows on the left, we witnessed the weekly global village fireworks lighting up the night sky.

A celebration on one side, possible tragedy on the other. And life goes on for both, and also for those who witnessed in between.

We come, we live and we go, and as much as we think we matter in the scheme of things, the fact is that we don’t – beyond a certain timeframe, which is usually our own life span. The world continues in its state of motion, celebration and mourning, some existing, some living.

Thinking about this can greatly help deal with that ego problem so many of us have:)

See you tomorrow!