On interactions and spins…

I attended a meeting today.

The agenda of the meeting was not very specific, and the nature of the meeting was such that I expected a positive outcome.

Well, it wasn’t anything like what I had expected.

Without going into details, let it suffice to say that I came away from the interaction a lot disappointed, maybe because of my own expectations. Not that they were misplaced, but even then. I guess not having any expectations is easy in theory, but not so easy in practice.

Expectations are just that. Anticipation of an outcome that may or may not happen. The root cause of disappointment, so says the Buddha. But then, he was the Buddha. I am not he. Its human to expect, isn’t it?

But there is a positive outcome in everything, if you put your mind to it. I had a lot of time on the way back, alone and without calls and the scrolling on the mobile, and so I was able to churn thoughts in my head and give it a positive spin. I think I am a bit proud of it. It could easily have been a negative one, a depressing thought, an angry thought. I think the meditation is helping:)

I did write a letter on the interaction, to the person concerned. Given the professional nature of the interaction, I am still debating on whether I should send it. Maybe I will let it rest for a while, before taking that decision. Waiting before acting never harmed anybody!

See you tomorrow…