Be Picky!

A journey of a thousand miles…starts with a single line of code…

17th September 2019. Thats the day I first interacted with Ivanka Tancheva

“I want to set up a specialised food delivery app” she said. Sounded interesting, but I was skeptical initially. The business model was too niche, I thought. 

We had a couple of meetings. She convinced me, not with an excel sheet, but with the passion she had for her pet project. 

It’s been one year now. Yesterday, she sent me a link to her website – that is now live. Her apps are on the Google and iOS play store. 

One year of perseverance, of belief, and of trust in herself. The result is The Picky App.

It’s things like this that make me love what I do. Its people like this who reinforce the belief in pursuing your dreams, no matter what everyone else says, just so you can see it in front of you…taking it from a piece of paper, and breathing life into it. 

Many congratulations Ivanka – may Picky be the best app there is for quality and convenient meals!

She pursued her dream…what stops you from pursuing yours?

Don’t you feel you would be the happiest version of yourself, when you do something you love, rather than just for the money?

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