The new normal:|

What are your pain points? Let’s touch base and leverage synergies on this topic…

Sounds familiar? While I did have such ‘pain points’ before, they seem to have magnified in the COVID era of prolonged voice calls. 

Maybe I’m just noticing them more, since I don’t have a good cup of coffee to compensate:)

Why do we use jargon? 

What base can we touch of each other? Why do you worry about my points of pain? What game are you trying to change here?

When in your life did you get graded to 100%? How do you time travel to deliver a project “yesterday”?

The only bandwidth I have is from du…

“Frankly speaking”… I wouldn’t have it any other way:|

And please, please stop telling me about the “new normal” already:)) It is bad as it is…

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