When the new phase of life begins…

If you look closely, our lives play out in phases.

There is a noticeable beginning and an end to these phases, and we generally know these two markers. What happens in the middle is usually taken to be “life as usual”.

This can be with education, career, relationships, friendships…anything or anyone who plays an important part in your journey.

The beauty lies in the beginnings – since it’s new and novelty. You look forward to them – joining a new job, starting a new relationship, shifting to a new city. There is a bit of uncertainty, and a bit of apprehension, but the excitement usually balances them out.

Then it becomes commonplace, and we take that part as a given…until of course, we look ahead and see the end near the corner. Then nostalgia hits us – we relive those good times (or say good riddance finally) – a playback of the phase that is nearing it’s logical conclusion..mostly bittersweet moments.

I have also passed through many such phases, and one new phase upon me.

As I think this through, I feel that the part between the beginning and the end should also be taken good care of – recognized and appreciated. I love the new beginning, but when things begin to settle down, one tends to go back into the rut and in some cases, this is the reason for the end.

Oh, how I wish we spent more time thinking such things through, rather than spending more time than usual on work and the pursuit of money. As you grow older (and hopefully wiser), you begin to see money, but you also (again hopefully) begin to see the futility of it’s pursuit.

Our educational system is an exercise in the pursuit of money – first by the educator, and then by the “educatee”. What if we taught, and learnt, the pursuit of happiness? Of recognizing these phases in our lives, and learning how to deal with them?

Changing the system is a dream that will not come true. Changing oneself is what one needs to work on.

Anyways, tomorrow’s new dawn brings with it a new beginning, and I can’t wait to explore it to it’s fullest potential.

With a smile…see you tomorrow:)