What drives you?

When you are young, the thrill of ambition drives you

when you grow older, the thrill of passion drives you

and when yet older, the thrill of achievement drives you…

The question is – however old you are right now ,what drives you as a person?

What makes you get up every morning with a smile on your face, and to actually look forward to the day ahead?

What makes you do what you do? – Is it the money, the passion, the thrill of it all, or something else? Or nothing at all?

I wake every morning wanting to learn more and more about what I do, and what I do not know.

The next 10 days will be spent in revisiting what I have learnt this year, and in planning what I want to learn the next year.

Also on what I will work on in the next six months. Changes as well, given that we will be shifting to the Sat-Sun weekend.

What new can I offer in 2022? How can I expand the reach of our services, and my knowledge? How can I be better and work on all aspects of my life – a lot to do in these next 10 days.

A good exercise will be the Saptarishi from the Sādhana series – do have a read, and I have also appended it in this blogpost below.

Again…what drives you?