The Vetāla series…

25 stories. 162 posts. Over 7 months.

This was the Vetāla series, from the original Sanskrit version.

When I started the series around December of last year, I had just completed the Panchatantra series and was looking forward to another set of stories, and what better than Vetāla Panchavimshati!

Now that this series is done, what next?

Oddly enough, I haven’t decided as yet.

I have a train of thought that I would like to explore, and if it works out, I will have enough content for more than a year. If not, there will be something else.

But write one must. Everyday.

I split these 25 stories into 160+ blogs on purpose. Not everyone has the time to sit patiently everyday and read through more than a few lines, and so I thought it prudent to break the stories down into easily digestible chunks…If you found it too short sometimes, my apologies.

The Sanskrit version was to be read as well, even if you don’t know Sanskrit. Yes, if you know Hindi, you can read Sanskrit. You may not understand it, but just reciting the words can be a good start in itself.

For those wanting to go through the complete series, here is the dedicated page.

Vetāla Panchavimshati

See you tomorrow!