The great purge…

Step 1 in reconstruction is breaking everything down first.

The way you work, the way you exercise, the way you eat, sleep, read, everything.

You have to break everything down into small pieces, and then look at them individually, and how they fit in to the overall scheme of things.

What does not matter, is discarded, what is important, stays.

It’s like the apps on your phone – over time, they accumulate. That face app you downloaded to check out how you would look when you get to 75…used it once and it just sits on your phone since, occupying space and resources. Many such apps on your phone, once you get down to reviewing them.

In our life too, we are collectors. We collect stuff, and refuse to throw away even the smallest of things, memories, bad experiences. We cling on and let them occupy expensive real estate – physically and mentally. A purge is essential once in a while.

Don’t miss anything. Even the way you charge your phone can be made more efficient and convenient – if you look at the process hard enough. This is what I’m working on this Ramadan – sifting through processes, both personal and work-related, and attempting the great purge.

Will keep you posted on the developments. And send in ideas if you can help in the process!