Crafting a new you…

Change is the only constant – so says the cliche and every other LinkedIn profile.

But it is true. And one has to keep reinventing oneself every once in a while, mostly with the aim of climbing at least a notch higher…

And so here I am, working on reinvention number ‘god knows how much’, to course correct and jolt myself out of my self-induced siestas.

On the agenda is literally everything, from the physical appearance, to the mental makeup and everything in between – work, reading, social detox, you name it.

To be frank, my last attempt was not as successful. The 2019 changes were much more in tune with my self, and I managed to make these changes stick. With time however, we all tend to slip, little by little and before you know it, you are closer to where you started from. Thankfully that didn’t happen then, but I haven’t had such a good overhaul in more than three years. 

The process will take around a month or two, but I hope I can make it as comprehensive as possible. Wish me luck!