Squeezing in more per day…

I get asked often, about how I manage to squeeze in so much in a day.

Yoga, handling 5-6 business streams, operations, client calls, karate, reading, blogging, kid, etc.

Teach us – they say. Well, I wish I could!

I guess they all fit in perfectly with each other. I start my day early not because I need more hours, but because I like waking early in the morning. I work on multiple business streams because I find them exciting and learn new things everyday, I like speaking with clients and discovering new facets of personalities and ideas, been at karate since 32 years and counting, reading since I knew the alphabet and never stopped, blogging because I want my kid to know more about me and my thoughts…

A purpose behind every bit, and it helps.

But there is something that is equally, if not more important. And that is support from family.

I can do so much because my family stands steadfast behind me, taking care of so many things that become invisible with time. Clothes get washed and ironed, food gets served, plates get cleaned, houses get tidied…without you noticing.

And so while it may seem that one does all, reality is that a group effort is warranted. One part of that effort is unseen, while one is publicized.

I am also fortunate to be working from home, which saves me the travel and lead times for meeting, and more importantly helps me spend quality time with my son, watching him grow. Making a human being is fascinating – from the first turn you see in the ultrasound, to birth, and then a whole laundry list of firsts.

And I wouldn’t let go of my first row seats to this spectacle for anything in the world.

He turns one in a bit by the way. Time flies.

See you tomorrow!