Let’s go shopping!

I just bought dumbbells over Amazon – delivered in a day.

I then looked at my order history, and was pretty amazed at the amount of stuff that has been bought over the past year. From diapers to TVs, quite a varied list!

Cut to 20 years back, and every purchase was an event in itself. Be it clothes, or electronics, or even groceries, it involved the whole family taking an outing and everyone having their own little list of stuff that they wanted to purchase.

Today, a lot of grocery shopping is also done online. Startups are going all out in changing your purchasing habits, and reducing your patience level in waiting for deliveries. Some apps now promise delivery in under 10 minutes! Wonder how that is achieved, unless he is waiting outside your door with the stuff already:))

Anyways, the point is – are we missing out on this experience as well? OTT brings a lot of good stuff with it, but also changes the way we see movies and series – a non-stop bingefest. Zomato changed the way we ate, and grocery apps want to change the way you shop for essentials.

At the end of it all, we may all end up as couch potatoes, with everything within our reach and robots and Siri performing last mile deliveries from the door till your hand.

Would that be exciting?

I don’t really know. All I know is that shopping is not as fun as it was anymore. It is more of a task now, than a pleasant and fun-filled experience. Yeah, maybe in a few years we will need to slip on a headset and enter the virtual metaverse to “experience” shopping, all in a make-believe environment.

What do you think? Do let me know…

See you tomorrow!