Some random rambling – I guess the 50 is near…

Today, my kid made a paper bag.

Well actually, I did. I don’t know how schools expect a 3-year old to make a paper bag, when adults like me struggle at the task…well whatever it turned out to me, I guess it ticked the boxes for now.

It’s odd, the kind of things that a kid has to do nowadays. It’s all activity and play-based they say, but where is the time when the kid can just be and do what they want to do? Oh there is a session for that as well apparently. Not that I am complaining – as long as he makes paper bags that can hold and come in use at the local supermarket visits – or am I asking too much?

On the neighborhood supermarket – that devil has morphed into something else – our ways of shopping for groceries have now been fundamentally altered – for the good or bad, only time will tell. But you can sense something’s wrong when bits and bobs come packed in oversized brown boxes to save the environment – nothwithstanding the fact that they have been delivered by riders on bikes that run on fuel. 10 boxes now instead of the one visit that we used to make every weekend. Earth Day is going well.

On the house, well that’s still work in progress now that the worst storm in 75 years decided to unceremoniously intervene in between our best laid plans for the week. Some water being cleaned, and som bruised egos being mended.

Its all sunshine otherwise:)

See you tomorrow!