Of eggs and scamsters…

You may have come across this kind – as they say in Hindi – अंदर से कुछ और, बाहर से कुछ और। In English – appearances are often deceptive, two-faced people who are something on the inside and convey something else on the outside. Hypocrites and dishonest.

I did so today. It wasn’t a person however…it was a dish. But here’s the thing – the dish had something in common with a politician who has recently been in the news for the wrong reasons – THE SAME NAME.

Behold, Eggs Kejriwal.

So here is what Wiki (mostly) says about the dish:

The dish was developed in the 1960s in South Mumbai- it was not well-known outside of that area before the 2010s. In the 2010s it began appearing on the menus of trendier upscale restaurants as part of India’s modern dining scene. The dish’s growth in popularity in that decade may have been related to the growing prominence of Delhi local politician Arvind Kejriwal. It was invented at the Willingdon Sports Club and became popular in “Mumbai’s exclusive social-club circuit”.

The dish is named after a Willingdon Club regular, Devi Prasad Kejriwal, who requested the combination so frequently that the club named it after him and placed it on their menu. According to food writer Vikram Doctor, Kejriwal was a Marwari, a group that traditionally eat cheese but not eggs. While Kejriwal loved eggs, he didn’t eat them in his home and didn’t like to be seen eating them publicly, so ordering them covered in melted cheese and chilis made his departure from tradition less noticeable.

Well, the dish rose to renewed prominence due to the eponymous politician and probably will see its fall in the same way, given how the other Kejriwal is doing.

Shouldn’t have had the hidden bits though. Deceived quite a lot of people, some of them who swore by…na not the dish, the person. The dish was quite tasty, and a much more palatable version of its namesake. Can try once for sure:)

See you tomorrow!