Some random musings…

And we enter the season of festivals.

The next one and a half months will be a roller coaster ride of fun, frolic, fasting and worship.

Starting with Mahalaya on the 25th, Navratri on the 26th, and nine days of fasting and resetting the body and mind, and visiting Gayatri’s place to see the golus. Dussehra and Vijayadashami follow, and then Diwali around the 24th of October.

Add a couple of birthdays in and around this, and one has a packed agenda!

Not to mention work, that has it’s own calendar and deliverables.

The summer was not as hot as expected, and am looking forward to a very engaging winter. And before we know it, we reach the end of the calendar year, and enter 2023. Boy, do days pass fast!

Speaking of days and boys, Rohāmrta will celebrate his second Diwali in a month. And then his second birthday 3 months after. Wow.

How does one squeeze in so much in so less time?? Wish me luck!