Sniff sniff…again

Ok. So it’s been a while since I had the allergy attack and unfortunately I’ve fallen sick (again) and it’s the same sniff sniff and cough cough.

This should not become a regular affair:( Have to work something out to prevent it from happening again and again.

Anyways, sick time meant down time but I still was able to throw in a few hours of work and a lot more hours of bed time with movie time.

Saw Bro Daddy and Premalu, both Malayalam, both light-hearted movies and quite enjoyable. Mohanlal is a treat to watch as always and the new pair in Premalu, especially the boy, acted very well. I would recommend both movies for casual viewing.

Movies are fascinating because they show us alternate realities – stories that we feel part of, that we live through and that culminate in a feel-good feeling as if you have actually gone through it in reality. At least the good ones. Here is where I don’t know why Google’s Second Life was not successful – we as humans are essentially escapists, isn’t it? Why live one life when you can have many?

Should stop before I start sounding like I have a multiple personality disorder. On to Rangasthalam – Telugu again, with Ram Charan of RRR fame and (sadly) a fake accent at the Globes last year. Dude, your fan base in India is a hundred times that of Hollywood, so rather than trying to fit in there, try to get them here:)

See you tomorrow, and wish me the best of health!