Not again!

I visited the doc yesterday – the allergy was getting the better of me. He prescribed some nasal sprays and an allergy tab, and so I walked down to the pharmacy to get them.

They made me wait more than an hour, and then informed me that the request had been declined.

Declined – by the family that had accepted me when I joined(paid) them a couple of months back. Welcome to the ____ family, their message had said.

Apparently I have been temporarily relinquished of my family benefits – so much for blood running thicker than water.

Anyway, this seems to be a recurring pattern with me. Year on year. Here is what happened last year, and earlier.

I got a lovely message today. They may have felt my pain, my suffering…my hard work and that I didn’t any rest from so many days…

They asked me if I was tired or fatigued…whether I felt low…just out of the blue they messaged me. Oh how wonderful, that someone cares…

And then I read the next line…here is the full message.

Dear Rohit,

Tired, fatigues or simply feeling low?


Aster Pharmacy.

Reminded me of another beautiful experience I had just about a year back…reproduced below.

I feel wonderful…

I am part of a family that accepted me without any hesitation…

It takes time to trust, yet they made me a part of their family in just a day!

A huge family…hundreds of others.

Some I know, some I don’t.

We don’t keep in touch much, but the head of the family makes it a point to send us messages regularly…

Touches my heart…

Until the 30th of the month, when they send me another message…

“Your bill is overdue. We appreciate your prompt payment to avoid disconnection. If you have already paid, please disregard this message.”


How did I go from being a part of the Du family, to nearly becoming an outcast?

Affected me terribly this. I am part of other families too – The Etisalat family, the DEWA family, the Ionos family…what if they all too throw me out of their families? What will I do??

A family bonds, sticks together in good times and bad. Until, of course, one stops paying the bills.