Last night, I saw the fastest 2 hour 50 minute movie that I have even seen.

From the intro titles, till the final credits, Jawan is one roller coaster ride with the brakes kept on the side. Of course, logic is conveniently kept in the cloak room, but when you are hurtling through air at 200 mph, you wouldn’t care too much about it now would you? 

There seem to be attempts at evoking emotions too, which fall flat coz well, you are flying, knowing well how it ends yet not too bothered about it. And then the interval appears just like that- with another SRK served in delicious white highlights. 

I used to be a fan, then well I grew up, and SRK flopped 10 years in a row. Now, when everyone had written him off, the man comes back into our lives with two All Time Blockbusters in a row and one in the pipe. All when he is pushing 60. 

Hats off SRK. Not a fan anymore, but you have the uncanny ability of getting one’s attention any which way. And there lies your appeal. 

Dunki is next. With Rajkumar Hirani at the helm. Ready?