A good night’s sleep…

The one thing that you cannot buy, is a good night’s sleep.

And at the end of it all, it is sleep that matters. Not just rest, but proper deep sleep, one that you can wake up refreshed from, to face a new day ahead of you.

Around a year earlier, I had written about sleep tracking. I did end up settling on the watch that I already had, but the Ultra 2 has got me wearing it to track sleep as well. The battery life is amazing (2 days at a stretch without charging) and it’s a great watch to use otherwise. Try it, if you can. For more ideas, read on below.

See you tomorrow!

Sleep tracking.

Yes, been reading a lot about it lately. My sleep patterns have been disturbed, mostly due to a disruption of my exercise schedule. So while I struggle to get that back, I have been trying to measure my sleep patterns to know more about the subject.

Today’s wearable tech still has a long way to go, but there are quite good options out there. First is the Apple Watch, which (if you settle in on a disciplined charging schedule) can be a basic sleep tracker. Combine it with the Sleep Cycle App, and you can get a good idea of the quality of your sleep. The Sleep Cycle app can also record your snores (err) among other things.

There were the Oura Ring and Whoop Band that I also researched on – the former looks stunning but their customer service apparently sucks. The latter is a subscription-based product, which makes a great revenue stream but I guess it will be a duplication after the Apple Watch.

With iOS and the Watch, keeping track of your health has become very easy. Wait, this is not a promo post for Apple:)) You can use Fitbit or any other credible wearable – but I have experience with the Apple ecosystem, and so can tell you more about it. In between the steps, and the breathing exercises, tracking your fitness and overall health is now necessary – use tech for your overall well-being, instead of being addicted to it!

Any ideas on more such products? Do message. And sleep well!