Or rights and wrongs and everything in between…

What is free speech?

Is speech free, as long as you say what I think is right?

Should the “bad” be allowed to speak at all, or is free speech only for the “good”?

Who decides who is bad, and who is good? Does the coin not have two faces?

Is it right to take a stand, even if you are not supposed to?

If you decide a country is “bad”, does everyone in it automatically become a pariah?

And if you decide a country is “good”, does everyone in it automatically become an angel?

Is short-tem pain preferred for the greater good?

Or are short-term gains being made, but long-term losses loom over the horizon?

A lot of questions, and few answers. It is not about who you support, but about what you think, without applying a filter of what you hear, feel and even see. For what you see maybe what is being shown, and can be one side of the picture. In common terms, it’s known as propaganda. Recently however, it is called news.

Independent thought and deliberation have been the hallmark of our civilization. It is now being sacrificed on the altar of right and wrong. In India, it was never about a duality of correct and incorrect. Rather, it was always about cause and effect. Do we still think the same way now? Or have we been conditioned to search a right and a wrong in everything? Or our version what what we think is right or wrong?

Food for thought:)

See you tomorrow!