I’m dying to get this to you…

You know that your food kills you. Some slower than the others. The very process of eating and digestion takes us closer to the end, one meal at a time. But eating is inevitable, because the only other option is bringing that eventuality very close, very fast. And while “heaven” is a great place from what you’ve heard, I don’t think anyone is in a rush to get there.

But what if your food was killing others too?

Not just food, anything you order online really. From the days of couriers setting up appointments to deliver an odd parcel that could not come through ordinary post, to this day, when everything from computers to diapers and even an odd onion and tomato are ordered online.

Convenient yes. Safe? For you yes. But what about the guy who gets it to you?

A statistic caught my eye in the papers today. Twenty two delivery drivers died last year, with over 250 injured. In Dubai alone. On their way with food, groceries and stuff that could reach us a few minutes later as well, but cost a life to get there “in time”.

And this is not just in Dubai. Stats from all over the world have the same message – making deliveries is one of the most unsafe jobs, and in the USA, even more dangerous than law enforcement.

An industry that cropped up in the last few years, catering to our “lets get this without getting off our couch” fancies, has such collateral damage. Which is quite avoidable, if companies have more riders and so lesser number of rides per day, and more relaxed delivery times.

Makes you think about the things we don’t really think about…

Well, from there to politics. Tomorrow is the day that will determine India’s future for the next thirty years. Good, bad or ugly – all depends on tomorrow’s result. Why? Let’s find out tomorrow!