On watching…

Watching a seedling grow,

Is an exercise in patience, determination and grit…

It may seem natural, but no

It takes a lot

of work and effort

to just help nature along it’s course…

A strong wind

a bit of extra rain

can cause the heart to skip a beat

as one watches the seedling

reach out from within the soil,

in a bid to assert it’s existence

and to follow it’s destiny…

Many a branch, and many a leaf

gather along the journey…

but for one who has watched the beginning,

knows it to be a slow

but steady process

of stepping away from dependence

on the gardener…and towards an existence

that outlives the one who planted it…

So grows a plant, so grows a tree…

and so grows a human, like you and me,

Watching a plant bud, and a human blossom,

Is nearly the same, but a bit different

in that one can like a plant, and one can embrace it

and one can’t help but love an offspring,

And give it all, and more, and then a bit…

A plant is born of nature, and so are you

but your child is born of you, and there lies the difference:)

See you tomorrow!