On nostalgia…

Nostalgia is an odd feeling.

One is nostalgic at all points in life – it’s almost as if the times that we passed by were always better than the times that we are in at present.

This image below was widely circulated a few months earlier – I too got nostalgic, like most others. It was a welcome change to have so many options after watching a single channel since the time I had realized what a television was.

It was an exercise to mark the programs that were of interest and then surf channels to get there at the appointed time. Especially repeat telecasts, that made up for the ones that we had missed.

And so many movie choices!

Anyways, that was that. I don’t think that we are facing a dearth of channels or movies or television series anytime soon, so…

Why do we look back in time and yearn for those ‘wonder years’? There is no way that they will be back, and in most cases, we are better off now than we were then. If only we thought of the ‘future us’ looking back at the ‘present us’ and reminiscing…wouldn’t that mean that we are in an enjoyable moment, but probably not realizing it?

Or a pessimistic approach would be that life progressively gets worse. Ahem. Not the best way to go about it yes?

The past does not exist, and all we derive from it is learning and experience. The future – no one knows. The present moment is what is, and its so sad that we do not appreciate it. That we are living at this moment in time is a blessing in itself. Life becomes simpler the day we start thinking of the present, of the here and now.

What say?