Of intelligence that is artificial…

Ok. So you know that I have been researching on Artificial Intelligence for a while now. I have also been trying out a variety of tools to rebuild our internal tech stack, and I must say – some of these products are genuinely surprising me. They are ingenious, well thought out and more importantly, they just work!

Apple pioneered this philosophy early in the computing world, by making products that ‘just worked’. All you had to do is plug it in, unlike Microsoft, which had so many bad ways of connecting peripherals and a constant flow of annoying update messages every single time you switched on the machine.

Apple continued this just works philosophy with their iPhone, and then more recently, with the AirPods – all you did was bring the pods near the phone and boom – they would just connect!

I have been working with software tools for over 20 years now, and I’ve seen everything from the clunky ERPs to the apps with the best UI/UX – but the incremental changes that have come about in the early years are now giving way to exponential changes…a sign of times to come. Many skills are about to become redundant and soon – and the way we work will radically change in the next 5 years. It already started with the pandemic and hybrid work, but this is something else.

Will be writing more on the specifics in the weeks and months to come. Stay tuned!