Of two wheels and twenty gears…

Ok, so I am in the market for a bicycle.

Not counting the last couple of times I bought one, my last serious attempt at scouting for a good bike was at least three decades ago. And boy, have things changed!

Gears were just making their way in at that time, now, you cannot find a bike without gears. The level of customization is bizarre, with most bike showrooms (!!) having sizing guides. Maintenance packages are a norm, but warranties are for a few days or months only.

And prices range from AED 600 for a bike from a supermarket to AED 30,000 for a professional Bianchi.

Ahem. Life is complicated.

Anyways, my search continues, given that one of the primary reasons of getting a bike is to seat Rohāmrta behind me (in a bike seat) and show him the world…of my community for starters. While I am pretty excited about it, I don’t know if he shares the sentiment. Let’s hope for the best!

By the way, any recommendations?