Of two tires and a hundred gears…

It’s the season of sport.

And upsets.

First comes the huge upset win of Saudi Arabia over Messi…sorry, Argentina. And today Japan won against Germany. Seems like a cup of unlikely wins, and exciting times, even though I personally don’t follow football that much.

Closer home, a sport of another kind took prominence. Bicycling.

And so after extensive research and countless web visits, I finally made the rounds to nearby stores, sorry – studios that doubled up as bistros and cycle vendors. The first one offered me one – literally one option. The second was more helpful and gave me his insights into the complex world of two tires, a lot of gears and a whole load of options in between.

Funnily enough, cycles do not come with stands nowadays. Err..how am I supposed to park it?

Anyways, I zeroed onto an MTB, since the primary reason of purchasing the cycle was an optional contraption that would seat my little one. In effect, I bought him a chauffeur-driven vehicle.

An hour and a lot of nuts and bolts later, he had his rath and I felt a few thousands lighter.

Not one to waste any time, I cycled upto his playground, picked him, seated and strapped him in, and post a few feeble protests, took him on his first ride. From what I could gather, he took a liking to it:)

Next is to get him to wear his helmet, which I assume will be the tougher part. Let’s see.

So as we reach the end of the 30*30, I found a new (rediscovered) way to feel fitter, and Rohāmrta got a new reason to start a fuss to go out more.

All winners at the end of it:)