Of tangled lives and simple truths…

It’s not often that you come across a person who is all heart.

As children, we all are. And then we grow up.

It starts with small things – competition being one. We don’t learn to complement each other, we learn to compete. We don’t learn to share as much as we learn to make things our own. Yes, initially our parents and teachers tell us to share things, but as we cross student life and enter our career paths, this simple learning is quickly forgotten.

We learn to make our own little corners and try to grow them, at the expense of others.

Everyone does it, even me. It is human nature.

And so when someone stands out from this madness, I do notice it.

I have had the opportunity to know Manoj from nearly half a decade now, and it has been a great experience so far. He is very good at what he does, but that does not define him. He also has a passion for the stock market, and has been honing his skills for more than eight years now. More importantly, he is devoted to whatever he is involved in. And I have not seen many who are so passionate about their work.

The defining factor about him is his wonderful nature. It is sad that such people are usually misunderstood or worse still, taken advantage of. The world needs to simplify itself a little – we have become all too complex now. Our methods of communication have been simplified, but the messages that we convey have become more convoluted. Our lives have become more tangled in between trying to make a living by climbing over everybody else….

Interacting with Manoj makes me realize this, and I thank him for it. We all need a reminder once in a while don’t we?

Thank you Manoj, for being a wonderful human being. As you celebrate your birthday today, do try to spread the goodness, have a great year ahead, and may you be successful in all your endeavors!

Happy birthday!