Of sick toddlers and best laid plans…

A busy Navrātri, the leaving of a guest and the preparations for Deepavali.

And Rohāmrta chooses this time to fall sick:)

A usual cough and cold, with a bit of fever, but since he has been having this off and on for close to a month, the parents are worried.

There are only that many syrups and nose pumps that one can administer before a search for a larger picture and more concrete solution begins. .

One also begins to wonder why the toddler inadvertently falls sick when weekend plans have been set in advance. Surely he knows better?

Parenting brings out the best in you, and sometimes, the worst in you. And that’s ok. We are all humans, and we are all learning. The key, I have understood, is patience. Lots and lots of it. You tend to develop it, whether you want it or not.

As for being cross with the toddler for spoiling best laid plans, well, all he needs to do is smile and the heart melts without any further ado. You cuddle him, whispering sweet nothings and Lulu talk (bedululu, foodalulu, that kind), and all is forgiven.

I guess he knows it too. Its only a matter of time before he realizes the leverage he has. One has to gear up for the battle ahead:)

See you tomorrow!