Is my syrup better than your syrup?

An odd thing I notice nowadays.

One, parents (like me) trudge down to the Emergency ever so often, this time for a chest congestion. I mean most receptionists at Al Zahra (where Rohāmrta was born) know me on a first names basis now, it’s that often.

Two – we always end up taking a second opinion, in most cases, the very next day. And always, without a single case to the contrary, the second doctor ends up prescribing a completely different set of medicines.

And so we now have an enviable collection (wine cellar rivaling) of some opened, some yet unopened syrups and concoctions, one that can kickstart a pretty profitable side hustle in online pediatric medication.

I have the tech, I have the digital marketing team, and now, I have the product:| In some inadvertent way, Rohāmrta has potentially taken baby steps into the world of e-commerce.

Ok seriously, why does this happen? Why do doctors prescribe different sets of medicine, for the same malady?

Leads us consumers to wonder who was right – the first doctor, or the second…hmmm, not good to play guessing games with a toddler’s health at stake.

No wonder insurance is so costly nowadays. There is a ton of medicine that is waiting (besides the obvious use case at my fledgling e-commerce foray) to be transpositioned (sold, given away), drank or thrown away. What a waste!