Of punches and kicks…

All these days, I spoke about āsanās and a bit of prānāyāmā. Good, but generally considered soft.

Today I speak of martial arts. Good, but generally considered rough.

Karate is an art…

that combines the ying and the yang, the hard and the soft, the kata and the Kumite…

Yog is a way of life, that combines asanas (postures) and pranayama ( breathing), mudras (gestures) and bandhas (body locks)…

Breathing is an essential part of Kyokushin, but unexplored due to the constant focus on Kumite.

While Kumite is the blood of Kyokushin, nogare breathing is it’s life force.

 Throwing a punch is not the objective of Kyokushin … defeating the evil of bad thoughts, bad beliefs, laziness and bad action is the essence of all martial arts. You can throw a thousand punches, practice a thousand katas, have multiple dans on your belt and multiple titles to your name, but you may not have even begun your true training in Kyokushin.  

And so Kyokushin Karate is not just a way to keep fit. Martial arts is not a 30-60 minute class – it is a perspective on life. It is an art – and like other arts, it grows with practice.

I invite you to try out Kyokushin Karate. But a word of caution – it is not a fleeting glance – rather, a lifelong commitment. This 30*30 is for a month, martial arts for a lifetime.



吾々は生涯の修行を空手の道に通じ 極真の道を全うすること!!

Hitotsu, wareware wa, shōgai no shūgyō o karate no michi ni tsūji, Kyokushin no michi o mattō suru koto!!

All our lives, through the discipline of Karate, we will seek to fulfill the true meaning of the Kyokushin Way!!