Of flat packing and new thinking…

I visited Ikea after long, many many years in fact.

The route, the format was the same, the prices surprisingly lower than the last time I was there. The food – as always – economical, but some more veg options thankfully. A good walk, with an occasional (more than actually) run behind Rohāmrta as he dodged me between aisles and made my heart skip many a beat..a lot of stares from people who apparently do not know how a 20 month old toddler functions…anyways.

Went to purchase a lamp, ended up with a trolley full of nicks and nacks. Hopefully many of those purchases last longer than a year.

What I liked though is the good amount of options that they had for kids. Or maybe they had them all the time, it’s just that I noticed them now?

Much like life. A lot happens around us, and we remain blind to them, until of course, it is of interest to us. Like when you want to buy a car of a certain make – and all you see around you are cars of the same make, all of a sudden.

Awareness comes when we are blind to nothing, and we treat each day, each moment as unique, mysterious and something to look forward to, without bias or judgement. Easier said than done.

Toda’s exercise was running behind Rohāmrta. One that I could not record though. Came back home, and closed my eyes in meditation for around 30 minutes. When I finally opened them, the world around me was the same.

Or was it?