Of massy and classy…

What exactly is mass?

As in ‘massy cinema’ – a term that has got critical err…mass of late.

I get the point of escapism in cinema – yes of course no one wants to go to a movie to watch too much of reality – we go to get entertained and hopefully forget all our worries for those two to three hours. But why has escapist cinema acquired ‘Jupiter escape velocity’ (you get the joke if you know who said this!) and become totally unbelievable? Why has logic not just taken the backseat, but exited the car as well?

We all love a good Rajni movie – he can do anything, however illogical it is – and we lap it up. Because that was his forte – his blue ocean strategy. But now, everyone is Rajni, performing impossible tasks defying logic and beating up 50 men at one go. Where have all the guns gone?

The dumbing down of the audience has happened in stages, but now it’s reached a point when filmmakers proudly proclaim that their movies are to be seen sans brains that one is ought to leave behind at home. Films that have no connection with logic are termed – for the masses – as if the collective GIP (Gross Intelligence Product) of the country has gone down many notches in the past two decades.

Box office collections are termed achievements – not as much by the producers – but by the fans who rant on Twitter and other social media and take these as personal milestones in their non-existent careers outside cyberspace. But why??

Can we not have pure entertainment without resorting to silliness beyond belief?

In other news, Jawan is running in a theatre near you.

See you tomorrow!