A few bits from here and there…

Reframe Your Day

“Instead of feeling that you lost the day after a bad morning,

Reframe each day as 4 quarters: 

• morning

• midday

• afternoon

• evening

If you blow one quarter, just get back on track for the next one.

Fail small, not big.” 

Time Billionaires

1 million seconds = 11 days

1 billion seconds = 31 years

We all admire people like Warren Buffet. 

But he’s 91 years old. 

No matter how much money you have, you can’t buy another billion seconds.

Cherish it.

Willpower is Overrated

Successful people don’t have more willpower.

They build systems to make hard things easier to do.


1% better every day for a year = 37,778% gain 

1% worse every day for a year = 97% loss

Your daily actions create your future. 

The Path Not Taken 

Obsess over the past and you forget to invent your own future. 

Comparison is the Joy Thief

“To improve, compare little things

• marketing strategies

• exercise technique

• writing tactics

To be miserable, compare big things

• career path

• marriage

• net worth

Comparison is a teacher only when applied narrowly.”