Of hulking and sulking…

And so the Congress has done it again. Just when they were cruising in Punjab, with the elections not too far away, they got themselves a Siddhu bullet to shoot themselves in the foot.

Capt. Amarinder Singh is the best Chief Minister they have, and they don’t have many. And why break something that is working?

Nevertheless, the Congress is a spent force, and no amount of action can redeem it. Pacifying a sulking Siddhu only helps accelerate the road to their demise.

Why politics on a yog blog, you may ask. Why not?

The way our lives shape out depend on a lot of factors – lineage, parenting, education, even luck. But a super factor that influences these other factors as well, is politics. It is in your shirt, it is in your pant…Rahul, get out of my blog please. Flights are now open and Thailand beckons. Do make the trip and save us and everyone around you the pain of your company.

Seriously speaking, politics shapes the future of our economy, our social mechanisms, our education, our earnings…so why wouldn’t you take politics as an important factor in your life?

By this, I don’t mean the TMC/Leftist/crazy brand of politics, nor do I mean that one should wear funny caps and walk on the road protesting against everything in sight. In fact, people speak of disruption…politics is in bad need of disruption.

The digital transformation of India is moving ahead at a frantic pace, and it is only a matter of time before everyone has access to high-speed internet on low cost smartphones. Can’t we see this as an opportunity to change the way elections are conducted and candidates are chosen?

Can we not deploy technology in a way that information is made available to every voter – on the candidate, on the manifesto, and voting done through biometric channels so as to eliminate bogus votes…this will happen in 10-15 years for sure, but there needs to be a start.

Coming back to the point, politics is critical to the development of the country and hence, the self. We either go crazy with it, or adopt a nonchalant attitude towards it. Politics and the mechanism of elections should be taught in schools, and not in the current manner – a dry civics subject. It should be made an integral part of learning, not through student unions, but through democratization at the school level.

It will take a couple of generations, but will save many more. Until then, we will have to live through such drama, day in and day out.

Think about it. See you tomorrow!

PS: आएगा तो मोदी ही!:))