Of Fakes and chosen paths…

I had written this a while back, and revisited it today.

Was watching Farzi on Prime (Shahid Kapoor and Vijay Sethupathi) – seems inspired from Breaking Bad and the likes. But interesting and well-acted. Vijay plays the righteous cop and Shahid the counterfeiter who always has a justification for his actions – at least in his head. And you know how it goes with such stories – the bad guy has more fun than the good guy.

And human nature is so odd – we always cheer for the bad guy although we surely would not like to be at the receiving end of his machinations. Nice na? Enjoy it being done to others, but cry when the same happens to you…the way our world works:)

Anyways, here is the poem. And do catch Farzi on Prime.

There are many paths to where you want to go,

I’m on my way there too, so that you know…

I walk the thorny bushes, you chose the flowery avenue

Only cacti on my path, yours is filled with morning dew…

I can’t stop, to catch my breath, for I may stray,

Oh what a beautiful path you tread…so easy to get carried away…

But there isn’t a complaint on my lips, for I know the end is sweet

So I tread on, and on, hoping that one day when we meet…

that you can see my path is tough, but the cause righteous so

And on this journey, your spirit can only grow,

for when faced with adversity, one summons his best

tears through sorrow, tears through pain, and moves ahead of the rest…

So the flowers are nice, but the thorns are a cut above,

Look beyond the bristles, there is caring and love…

of a lesson waiting to be learnt, and the fruits of struggle

flowers reward once, but thorns reward double.

So come my way, and do stop by,

walk a little with me, I do not lie

You will feel the pain, but only a while

for at the end, is joy, and a smile

of a life lived right, and deeds done well

for there is no heaven, there is no hell…

only moments of choice, and two ways to go

I’ve chosen my way, which way will you know?